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JD Marco

Personal Profile

JD Marco

University College London
Uppingham School


Subject: English, ISEB, CE, UKiset, Interview

Marco studied at Uppingham, a top private school in the UK, and graduated from University College London with a high score Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics. He also holds a Certificate in English Language Teaching (CELTA) from the University of Cambridge. Marco is a tutor in English language and literature, as well as verbal reasoning.


Over the years, he has helped many students to get admissions to top private schools in the UK through exam preparation and subjects training. He can help students with the ISEB Pre-test, Common Entrance, UKiset exam preparation, and school interview training. According to their different academic levels and individual personalities of every student, he will design personalized training programs and teaching materials to help students maximize their strength to achieve high scores and interview pass rates.

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