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Eastbourne College England


Having been in the education consultancy business for over ten-years, JD Consultancy has helped hundreds of students get into their dream schools.


Many students will feel an immense amount of pressure, especially as their results will largely determine whether they get into their desired school.

That is why we cannot emphasise enough the importance of proper preparation, and the best method of preparation is through lots of practise under experienced guidance.

Our specialist tutors excel at developing the broad range of knowledge required for succeeding in these exams. Our tutors are capable of more than lecturing on the subject required, they focus on exam preparation, through going through example papers and showing students how to use their time effectively when under timed conditions. JD’s tutors will adapt their teaching to match the student’s unique learning styles.

Our friendly tutors will be able to put your child at ease and imbue them with the confidence and skills required to succeed.

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