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Eastbourne College England



We knew J&D UK LTD (Trading as JD Consultancy) through our daughter's friend. I therefore got an idea of how much they do for the students under their guardianship. They always have close relationship with us and help solve problems in the first instance. So I transferred my daughter's guardian to JD . I am very satisfied with their high-quality service and I will highly recommend JD to those family who are looking for a guardian in the UK.

Our family comes from mainland China and our English is not good. Our son came to the UK when he is only 9 years old. JD guardian team is very responsible that takes care of my son really well. The host family that they arranged for my son is a very nice and my son loves to spend exeat with them.
They made excellent food and took my son out for activities. We are very happy with their whole team and would like to express our gratitude to JD.

Our son is having good time in the UK boarding school. Your considerate arrangement is always brilliant. The drivers are very warm and always keep me updated about kids’ situation during travel.

I enjoyed spending time with Mary's family. She takes me out for various activities and treats me like his son. I don't feel lonely even my parents are not with me. I am looking forward to next half term.

I would like to thank JD Consultancy for being guardian to my son during his studies at Sunningdale School. He came to England at a very young age and faced many changes while away from home. It was important for me to know that my son was being looked after by an experienced professional in the UK who was familiar with the local education system but at the same time understood the cultural difference. JD has both English and Mandarin speaking staff to look after our son. With their help, my son settled down in UK lives very soon.

We have been working with JD Guardian for two years now. I have no hesitation in recommending JD Consultancy's guardianship services to all families who plan to send their children to study in the UK.


Thank you so much to JD teachers for all of the knowledge and guidance that they have so generously shared with me during my tutoring lessons. The fact that they believed in me, empowered me, and helped me to believe in myself is worth to me more in my study in the UK.

My son never knew learning could be so fun until he had JD teacher Tim as his tutor. Tim created the tuition lessons that were thought-provoking and more engaging to him. Thanks a lot again for providing such a positive learning environment and for being such an excellent tutor.

School Application

Thank you for putting time and effort into helping my child with his successful application of Harrow School. We are very happy to see that he has built his confidence in expressing himself clearly and naturally in front of people which is really important to him. We appreciate your professional help!

We wanted to thank JD for helping my son with his school application for Shrewsbury School. He told us that his dream came true!  A huge and heartfelt thank you to all JD teachers for your hard work for the past few months.

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