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Eastbourne College England


J&D UK Ltd (trading as JD Consultancy) is positioned to assist individuals and families in education consultancy. For over 10 years, we have formed warm professionalrelationships with many prestigious members of the UK independent school community, and have helped many families who are unfamiliar with the British education system.


Our multilingual consultants are based in London, Shanghai, and Tianjin, and because of this, we take pride in being able to provide excellent customer support. Many of our consultants have a wealth of experience advising families in China and the UK.


We are highly committed to advising families on selecting the perfect UK independent school or university for your child, as well as planning your child’s future education. Our expertise in this sector has not just seen many of our students achieve places at their desired schools and universities, but also enabling them to benefit from the full UK educational experience.


Relocating to the UK to study and facing decisions for your children’s futures are inevitably daunting, but here at JD Consultancy, we manage these decisions together with you to ensure a smooth transition. We look forward to having you and your child on board with us.

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