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What is the UKiset?


In short, the UKiset is a single assessment test taken by international students, designed for entry into British curriculum schools – specifically in the independent sector.


Launched in 2014, it tests English language, numeracy, literacy and reasoning skills, as well as aptitude for learning, comparing applicants’ results to British students of the same age. 


The test can be sat once every four months at our JD Consultancy authorised test centre in China (Tianjin), or in the UK at the UKiset head office near Trafalgar Square, and at some selected schools. 

The results are valid for one year after sitting.


Unlike its age-specific British equivalents – the 7+, 11+, 13+ or GCSEs –UKiset can be taken by all students aged between 9 years and 6 months and 17 years and 11 months wanting to enter British schools (or UK curriculum schools abroad). The results are usually available 2 business days after taking the test.









UKiset measures four key skills areas:

  • English skills – grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, listening and creative writing

  • Mathematics – working with numbers, value, and sequences

  • Non-Verbal Reasoning – solving problems using pictures, diagrams and patterns

  • Verbal Reasoning – the ability to work with words and language


The test takes approximately 2 hours and is taken mainly online (though there is a handwritten essay component), and UKiset results are accepted by almost all British schools.


Why take the UKiset?

There are several reasons for taking the UKiset. Primarily, it is used for entering British or British curriculum schools, but can also be for students who want to enter a language school or international study centre in the UK.


However, some students (or parents) may simply want to use the UKiset to see where they are compared to British students, or to set improvement objectives over six/twelve month periods. Likewise, teachers may also want to use the UKiset for this purpose.   

UKiset Certificate

<< Click To View UKiset Certificate


JD Consultancy has a certified UKiset test centre in our Tianjin office. One of only a few accredited test centres in the whole of China.


Preparing for the UKiset examination can be difficult. There are no past papers or books to revise from. The best way to prepare is by developing your child’s English skills through improving their vocabulary, grammar and comprehension. Our tutors at JD consultancy have been specially trained to teach UKiset preparation. They have all the resources that a child will need to succeed in this test. They have the audio materials, essay topics, NVR and VR test sheets as well as a thorough understanding of what the skills and knowledge the test requires.


Successful Students
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