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For most students, year 10 marks the beginning of their GCSE courses, this is an especially important stage in a student’s studies. Having been at school for more than a decade at this point studying a broad range of subjects, they assess a student’s learning before narrowing their focus onto a small number of A levels, which play a significant role in deciding what a student will go onto study at University (if they decide to attend).

During a student’s time preparing for their GCSEs, A Levels or the IB, they will be under a lot of pressure not only from their teachers and parents, but likely from themselves and even their peers. It can be an extremely stressful period for students, anxiety and too much stress can not only have a detrimental effect on a student’s grades, but on their mental health as well.

Having regular lessons with our professional tutor can turn an anxious, struggling pupil into a confident and successful young student. JD’s handpicked team of highly qualified experienced tutors have more than just the expertise to teach the subjects. They have the patience and understanding that all students are different and often require distinct methods of learning.

Our wide selection of professional tutors teach almost every subject a student can be tested on. From Maths, English, Science, History to Ancient Greek and Latin, Music, Design and Technology, GCSE, A Level and IB.

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