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Personal Profile


University of Manchester
St. Paul's School for Boys


Subject: English, Mathematics, Music, Drama

To be a teacher allows me to share my passions of language, literature, mathematics, and music to those students who have a strong desire to learn. The most important things are that the students are focused and hardworking, which makes me persevere to help them. I want to do my best to encourage them to be more ambitious, study hard, live brilliantly and reach their goals.”


Eli graduated from St Paul’s School for Boys. He passed his A-Levels and GCSEs with high scores. He graduated from Manchester University with a bachelor’s degree in Music. Eli loves teaching, and he used to work at Dulwich College Prep-school where he taught 11+ English and Math.


Every assignment and handout will be carefully marked by Eli since as he is He would be very happy to see every progress of the students.

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